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Welcome to the Wolverines' Den of Forsaken World!


We are a small guild on the Storm server in the MMO Forsaken World.  Currently, we are a social guild (Level 3)  that is recruiting causal, fun, friendly and "mature" players, that are interested in exploring, learning and sharing all aspects of the  game. With the aim to be more of a community than a just a guild, we do require that our members register to our forum, have causal guild participation and game progression, as well as respectfully adhere to guild hierarchy and rules.  While members are required to join our forum, posting is not mandatory (encouraged, but not required).     As such, communities are only as strong as their communication.


Now that you know what we expect of our members, here is what they can expect of us.  Our Officer's will always try to help our members to the best of our abilities.  Whether it be questions in chat or on the forum, on how to or if you need to run a dungeons or an instances, we'll give it our all.  Our Officer's run several instances, several times a day to help members with main quest line or to assist members with their character achievements.  If we don't know the answers to your questions, we'll find out and we'll share.


Last but not least, this is a GAME and only a GAME we can't and won't expect  our members or our officer's to be online gaming or on the forum 24/7.  It is at their leisure, as it is at yours.


We are looking for fun loving social members that  are interested in exploring possibilities and potentials of the game, click here to apply and hope to see ingame :D

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Wolverines is currently recruiting fun, friendly, and active players of all classes. Preferably level 30+ for further details PM Meisterschutze
Guild News
Week 4 Contribution Contest Winners
By Meisterschutze, May 29, 11 7:05 PM


The results are in for our weekly Contribution Contest!  Our champions are:

1st Place Sophiia with 96 points gained.  Second place goes to Belathor with... Read More

By Meisterschutze, May 29, 11 11:45 AM


violent_ and Badger_ have taken the leap of faith and love announcing their adorations to the Forsaken World and the two are wed.  Let us congratulate them and wish them many years of love and companionship!

Congratulations the two of you!

-... Read More

By Meisterschutze, May 25, 11 10:39 PM


It appears that bases were not available for bidding this week.  While it breaks my heart, this news; I am encouraged and would like to encourage you as well with this bit of insight.  This provides us greater amount of time to build and generate funds to stren... Read More

w00t w00t Wolverine leetness
By Meisterschutze, May 23, 11 11:38 AM


The results are in for our weekly Contribution Contest!  Our champions are:

1st Place _Milamber_ with 220 points gained.  Second place goes to Belathor with 98 po... Read More

Guild Base?!?!
By Meisterschutze, May 15, 11 2:40 PM


We have reached the 6000k Contribution requirements to now be eligible to bid for a base!  Bidding starts Monday and runs through Wednesday.  Last week the bases sold for 13 diamonds, and 25 the week before.  Here a ... Read More

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